A Very French Bakery

Le Panier opened its doors in 1983 in the heart of Seattle’s Pike Place Market, deeply rooted in the tradition of the local French bakery. The bakery’s name, Le Panier, refers to the large willow baskets that carry baguettes fresh from the oven. As is France’s daily ritual, Le Panier customers enjoy their morning croissant while not forgetting their baguette for dinner.


Kristi Drake and Thierry Mougin, co-owners of Le Panier, were on hand on opening day. Kristi and her staff in front create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, greeting regular customers with their favorites, and inviting them to try something new that the bakers have dreamed up. Thierry is a French-trained pastry chef from Normandie. He and his team of bakers have developed a selection of products that bring together French baking techniques and local, seasonal ingredients.


Bakery Life


Bakery Life

Le Panier’s bakers and staff maintain the bakery’s “very French” tradition through regular visits to France and by inviting world-class French bakers to share their knowledge with the baking team.  Yet even as it adds new delights to the pastry case, Le Panier remains committed to staying small and local, crafting all of its products on site, from scratch, fresh each day.


Le Menu




Le Menu



Download a printable every day menu 

V I E N N O I S E R I E S / C R O I S S A N T S  

Croissant au beurre  2.95
Always made with butter 

Á la Framboise  3.50
Croissant filled with raspberry preserves

Á l’Abricot  3.50
Croissant filled with apricot preserves

Pain aux raisins  3.10
Croissant swirled with sugared raisins

Roulé aux noix  3.10
Croissant swirled with sugared walnuts

Pain au chocolat  3.30
French chocolate, bien sur

Chocolatine  4.30
Chocolat with crème d’amande

Amandine  4.30
Crème d’amande inside, 
with toasted almonds

Croissant aux fruits  4.40
Apples or apricots nestled 
in pastry cream

Jambon Mornay  4.40
Ham & Emmental croissant
with mornay sauce

Brioche  3.00
Buttery egg bread

Brioche Nantaise  11.00
Brioches baked in a classic
wooden mold

Tresse  6.50    
Braided brioche loaf with a
bit less butter

Palmier  2.60 / 7.50
Flaky puff pastry baked with sugar Individual or Bag of 12 petits

Meringue  2.00 / 4.30
Baked meringue – classic
or cocoa - Individual or
Bag of 12 petites



Friand  2.30
Petit butter cake with almonds
& vanilla 

Sablé noisette  2.30 / 7.50
Buttery shortbread with hazelnuts - Individual or ½# bag of petits

Sablé chocolat  2.30 / 7.50
Buttery shortbread with hazelnut & chocolate - Individual or
½# bag of petits

Sablé duo chocolat  2.30 / 7.50
Buttery shortbread, double the chocolate - Individual or
½# bag of petits

Petits Sablés amande orange  7.50
Petits sablés with almond & orange - ½# bag

Boîte Assortis 27.95 
1 ½ # decorative box of assorted sablés 


L E S  P A I N S 

Baguette  2.75
The classic crusty loaf

Parisien  3.75
The baguette’s big brother

Ficelle  1.90
Hand formed “string”

Miche  3.75
Traditional round boule

Epis  3.00
Six rolls – like a sheaf of wheat

Couronne  4.10
Decorative wreath-shaped loaf

Demi baguette  2.00
Half baguette

Pain de Campagne  4.95
Rustic country French bread

Petite Campagne  3.75
Small country loaf


Pain au Levain 6.75
Large, naturally leavened sourdough

Pain aux graines  4.95
Multigrain loaf with sunflower and flax seed

Complet, Pain aux oignons, Pain aux noix



Puff-pastry tart with savory fillings

Normandie  4.25
Chicken in a cream sauce

Á la Suisse  4.25
Emmental cheese, soufflé-style

Provençale  4.25
Creamy tomato, cheese, and herbs

Épinard  4.25
Fresh spinach with a touch of cream

Dauphinois  4.25
Bacon, egg, potato with Emmental cheese

Champignons  4.25
Mushrooms in a cream sauce

Broccoli, Asperges

C A S S E  C R O U T E S 
Sandwiches made with our fresh,
crusty baguette   

Jambon Fromage  7.30
Ham, Emmental, lettuce with dijonnaise

Dinde  7.30
Turkey, lettuce, tomato with pesto mayo

Roast Beef  7.30
Roast beef, tomato, lettuce
& horseradish sauce

Jambon Beurre  7.30
Simply ham & butter

Toulonaise  7.30
Tuna with capers, lettuce & tomato

Crudités  7.30
Seasonal vegetables with Emmental
& goat cheese

Pâté de Campagne  7.30
Pork pâté with French cornichons  

Brie  7.30
French brie


French Macaron  2.00
Chocolat, Framboise, Noisette, Pistache, Café, Caramel, Citron, Vanille, Orange 
Seasonal:  Passion, Abricot, Pumpkin, Ginger, Citron vert

Éclairs  4.25
Chocolat, Vanille, Pistache, Café      
Seasonal: Noix de coco, Passion, Noisette, Caramel

Napoléon  4.25
Flaky puff pastry layered with crème patissière.

Chouquettes (6 pcs)  3.50
Delicate choux sprinkled with pearl sugar

D’Orsay   42.00 / 4.50
Layers of chocolate mousse over génoise, topped with ganache    Serves 10        

Tartelette citron  4.25
Smooth lemon cream in a 
pâte sucrée shell

Tartelette framboise  4.25
A purée of raspberries in a pâte sucrée shell

Tarte aux pommes  25.00 / 3.90
Crisp apples baked in a puff-pastry   Serves 8 

Tarte aux poires 25.00 / 3.90
Pears & crème d’amande in a pâte sucrée crust    Serves 8     

Tarte aux abricots 25.00 / 3.90
Fresh apricots baked with crème d’amande    Serves 8        

Tarte aux marions   25.00 / 3.90
Marionberries with crème d’amande Serves 8         

Tarte aux pêches   25.00 / 3.90
Luscious peaches on a pâte sucrée crust, dusted with pistachios    Serves 8

Seasonal Tartes
Rhubarbe, Cerises, Belle Hélène, Pumpkin


A U T U M N / W I N T E R 

October - March

Éclair Noisette  4.25
Hazel cream swirls on choux

Éclair caramel  4.25
A caramel mousseline cream

Macaron pumpkin  2.00
Spice & pumpkin

Friand pumpkin  2.30
With a hint of pumpkin

Friand cranberry orange  2.30
Friand with a hint of cranberry and orange

Clafoutis aux pommes  25.00 / 3.90
Fresh apples baked in a light custard

Tarte Belle Hélène  25.00 / 3.90
A mélange of pears & dark chocolat

Tarte à la rhubarbe  25.00 / 3.90
Fresh rhubarb baked with crème
d’amande in a puff pastry shell and topped with a delicate crumble

Joan of Arc  4.75
Light chocolate mousse & layers
of delicate almond meringue

Joséphine  4.50
Fresh strawberries and crème
Chantilly in a choux shell

Feuilleté broccoli  4.25
Fresh broccoli with Emmental

Pain aux noix  5.20
Light rye with whole walnuts   Available Nov 21 -26 and Dec 19-31

Pain complet  5.20
Hearty wholesome wheat bread


S P R I N G / S U M M E R

April - September

Éclair noix de coco  4.25
Creamy coconut éclair

Éclair citron vert  4.25
Lime éclair

Éclair passion  4.25
Passion fruit éclair

Macaron passion  2.00
Passion fruit macaron

Friand citron  2.30
Friand with a twist of lemon

Tarte à la rhubarbe  25.00 / 3.90
Fresh rhubarb baked with crème
d’amande in a puff pastry shell

Clafoutis aux cerises  25.00/3.90       Fresh cherry "clafoutis" or baked custard

Joan of Arc  4.75
Light chocolate mousse & layers
of delicate almond meringue

Joséphine  4.50
Fresh strawberries and crème
Chantilly in a choux shell

Feuilleté asperges  4.25
Fresh asparagus with Emmental

Pain Complet  5.20
Hearty wholesome wheat bread




Returning to 7:00 AM opening

Beginning Monday, Sept 21st

Next April we will again open at 6:30AM.







E S P R E S S O 

We proudly serve Caffé Umbria for all coffee and espresso drinks. Selection of cold beverages also available.