The Hunt for Epiphany

The 3 Wise Men return for the 2nd Annual Epiphany adventure. La Galette des Rois, or King’s Cake, is the center of the French celebration Epiphany. Whoever is lucky enough to find the fève is crowned King or Queen for the day.

Visit our Epiphany page for more information about the galette!



F R E S H   E V E R Y D A Y   S I N C E  1983

Bonne Année from all of us at Le Panier to you.  

We are grateful for each and every visit our customers make to the bakery.

We hope this new year brings happiness, health and the delights of your heart. 



Kristi Drake and Thierry Mougin, co-owners of Le Panier, were on hand on opening day. Kristi and her staff in front create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, greeting regular customers with their favorites, and inviting them to try something new that the bakers have dreamed up. Thierry is a French-trained pastry chef from Normandie. He and his team of bakers have developed a selection of products that bring together French baking techniques and local, seasonal ingredients.